We are a motley crew of likeminded individuals that like playing with fire.  We travel the country going to festivals putting on the greatest cooking show we possibly can. Our meat is locally sourced and sustainable from Walter Rose & Sons. Our Demi Brioche rolls come from The Fabulous Baker Brothers at Hobbs House bakery.  Our fuel comes from Oxford Charcoal that produces the best charcoal in the world from sustainable woodland…

It really doesn’t get any better than this for festival food. We don’t do this for money we do it for the love of food and cooking over live fire…  Check out our events diary for food and music festivals throughout the year which we will be updating constantly.

Christian Stevenson

Hailing from Washington DC and influenced by his family roots in the American South, Christian has immersed himself in the art of cooking over the open fire.  Having originally been signed up to FoodTube by Jamie Oliver, Christian now presents his weekly show on the DJBBQ Channel

Christian is a man of many talents. Whether he’s dj-ing at Bill Gates’ latest Microsoft party or acting in feature films, Christian is not easily pinned down.

Christian is probably best known and respected as the presenter of his Channel 5 television series ‘RAD’ and ‘RAD The Groms Tour’ which ran for 10 years and won him and the channel their first BAFTA in the Best Entertainment category.  The Bafta currently takes pride of place in Christian’s downstairs loo!

His career in radio is no less impressive…his Kerrang! Radio evening show amassed a huge fanbase and Christian’s time at the station saw Kerrang! win Station of the Year twice.  His experience in radio broadcasting dates back to his first stint on air at London’s XFM and he’s  a regular DJ and host at major events such as Bestival, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, T In The Park, Reading Festival, V Festival, Download and Sonisphere.

Christian’s reputation as a respected music broadcaster is equalled by his expertise and love of freesports.  He has hosted Freeze (Channel4), Red Bull X Fighters (Dave) , The London Boat Show (Action Arena) and The Ski & Snowboard Show (Fashion Show).  Previously, he has also fronted Snowball on MTV alongside co-presenter Kylie Minogue, Freesports on 4 (Channel 4), Chilli factor (Extreme Channel), and Legends of the Extreme (Extreme Channel).

Christian’s talents also extend to the world of gaming…Christian was heavily involved in the scripting and soundtrack of the hugely successful ‘Dirt 2’ racing game.  This has led to Christian actually playing a character in ‘Dirt 3’…

Christian stared in his first feature film, Chalet Girl, alongside legends such as Bill Nighy and Brooke Shields released in March 2011.

As if all this didn’t keep Christian busy enough, from an early age Christian has been obsessed with cooking, predominantly the art of barbequing. Christian grew up in the American South and since childhood he has immersed himself in this hugely underrated form of cooking, educating himself in the traditional artisan techniques of the Deep South and adding his own very individual take on various recipes.

Chris Taylor aka T Bone Chops

Brigadier T-bone Chops Boozington, the (slightly hairier faced than Dave) dungaree wearing, Gandalf’s b*$@#+d nephew pirate man was thrown from the forge of the Hellion into the pit of DJBBQ.

Chops came into the world an engineer but soon realised life was better engineering food with fire, initially for a lot of food TV but he quickly realised his soul was not dark enough for TV.

Fortunately DJBBQ (Christian) searched out across the seas and discovered chops hiding under a small twig (it was actually quite big). Christian chained him up and trafficked him back to the sunny UK.

Chops was quickly enslaved by Christian and sometimes Nick Weston at Hunter Gather Cook who keeps him trapped in the treehouse grilling wild deer meat.

When released back to Christian Chops is generally chained to Della the smoker and the 11 foot long beef leg spit for all DJBBQ cook outs while being made to dance like a cheap poll dancer along with the rest of the BBQ ZOO.

David Fennings

Dave Fennings is a hairy faced cook who specialises in live fire, smoking, foraging and general food badassery. Started cooking in 2007 to fund his snowboarding addiction.  This then led to him working deep in the woods with Hunter Gather Cook for 5 years, teaching foraging, wild animal butchery amongst other woodland skills.

Man of the grill at the BBQ ZOO, can flip burgers at an inhuman speed and rub pork at a championship standard.

Martin Goodyear aka Goody

I am the older statesman of the crew; you may be able to tell that from all the grey in my beard and whiskers. I do Transport and Logistics for  DJBBQ & the BBQ ZOO. When I am not driving Truck Norris & Della to festivals I run a successful sign making and large format printing business. I also run the DJ BBQ website, printing all the T-Shirts & Caps and distributing all the products from my workshop in the Oxfordshire countryside.

I’m a would-be live fire cook and DJ when they let me! But not nearly as loud as the rest of them, which in itself is no bad thing if you have met our crew after a long days cooking and serving.

Bryony Morganna

I am the resident Gal of the BBQ Team, you’ll find me in the Truck shouting for more burgers or braiding T-Bones beautiful locks & supplying some much needed female energy.

When i’m not wrangling hairy beasts you will find me eating or cooking all kinds of delicious food on my YouTube Channel. Self taught cook and lover of comfort dishes.

My tipple is a G&T or a Fruity Cocktail.

Olivier Guitton aka Olivier Getdown

Frenchman by day and night and continental cuisine extraordinaire, Getdown spins records like he flips his “Cote de Boeuf” over charcoal, with rhythm and flair. OG has been djing for the past 10 years around London and World Wide venues, bringing his funky blend of Beats, Disco and African-Disco gems to dance floors. Party’s on.

Jonathan Swanston aka Johnny Boots

After meeting Christian around 5 years ago on a street corner after he complimented my dungarees we became instant friends. A joint love of food and music brought us closer together and I started DJing with him when it was just one smoker, Lots of chicken and lots of beer cans! A man with fingers in many pies, I am a designer, photographer, DJ, and king of the nights watch when it comes to pulled pork! I can mainly be found yielding bear claws and shouting “CLEAN BONE” still managing to maintain style and look cool. Good night, god bless.

Matt Williams

Self-confessed tree botherer with a history of mastering outdated crafts and trying to make them work in our modern world. Currently pouring my life into The Oxford Charcoal Company and obsessed with making the best charcoal in the world. I bring fire to the BBQZOO, along with an in depth understanding of many slightly useless things. I am one hell of mover so you may well see me busting some moves on the dance floor after a long day setting light to things.


I am a crazy Argentinian and after many years of working in gastronomy, I decided to set off on a journey of travelling, cooking and discovery along the way. This voyage took me to the Big Grill Festival during the summer of 2017, a meat and fire festival in the heart of Dublin. That was when I met DJ BBQ and his legendary crew. Before I knew it they had kidnapped and taken me to a land of wanderlust, outdoor cooking and pure rock! These are all my favourite life ingredients, plus a perfect match for my signature #chimihendrix sauce, my own take on the flagship argentine chimichurri for asados (BBQ’s), best partner in the world for our meat over fire cooking!!!